Cara Ngebut !! Jadi Artis

1. Participate in the selection of talent for talent television such as Indonesia, Indonesian Idol, Miss Indonesia and several other potential programs. Surely you must complete the skills and talents you have that will not be material

2. Go on a few forums that exist virtual world celebrities, such as, artist twitter or Facebook address not only collects favorite artists. Complete with an interesting photo that later if there are producers who see, maybe you will be attracted to join the manajeman

3. Apply to be an artist or a helper personal assistant. Some famous stars today there who started his career became the artist's personal assistant. This method can be very effective because each day you can hang with the superstars such

4. Facebook and Twitter also can you make your imipian towards media. Several cases like the impromptu star Marsha Saphira and Wiandra Devi Ozawa could be a concrete example of this. Just a few sensation that they make, they are suddenly very popular name in the eyes of the public. Even now better known Wiandra Ozawa when compared with BF movie star idol mania bokep 3gp, Miyabi.

5. So the artist boyfriend. (******) opened the eyes of the case with one of the band's lead singer teen idol today. Now renamed to soar compared with participants Take me Out Indonesia. Even FB from Nikita also suddenly invaded by other Facebook users

6. Create a sensation with the virtual world using a personal blog. Blog which allows access to all Internet users in Indonesia, and the world is one effective way to prominence. Ririn Dumin is a figure that started this step

7. Create a sensation in the community as many pretty girls or marrying underage girls. How to become an artist was several times taken by most people. But everything is dependent on your personal risk masing2.

8. Installing or semi-nude sexy pictures in several strategic places. Step screwy also had practiced by a few people already dying to be an actress. You can also take a crazy sensation when you know that a lot of reporters there

9. Do something stupid on Idol artist. How to be an artist is never done by Dewi Persik fans who dare hold the breasts dangdut singer when he did the interview. Suddenly the face of widespread actor in several media with case

10. If it is fixed can not be a real artist, you can choose the path of extreme as that of the star Vivian Lie 3gp bokep overseas
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  1. Terimakasih saya ucapakan kepada MD ENTERTAINMENT sekarang saya sudah menggapai cita cita saya sebagai pemain sinetron walau masih figuran tapi saya sangat bahagia,,insya Allah saya akan tetap berusaha Menjadi Yg Terbaik di MD ENTERTAINMENT, Trimaksih buat seluruh crew,,bpk Manoj Punjabi,,dan buat mama dan papa tanks atas doanya,
    Teman-Teman Yg Ingin Menjadi Bintang Silahkan Daftar Di.

  2. gmna cara daftarnya?






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