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Cara Ganti Nama Facebook 2012-2013. berhasil

NAME CHANGE FACEBOOK LATEST 2012, While the yet distinguished Tau Rame On Facebook Newest Name Change, I Post deh. Most of the members about his facebook on've g 'could change his name again because it already limits. For those who already g 'could change his name again / already limited.

Sample Images:

  1. Fill name in the first column
  2. Fill Middle Name column into two
  3. Fill name in the third column
  4. Contents / give your reasons in the fourth column, why the need to change the name of your facebook profile (be in the Indonesian language, for that can not speak english.
  5. Upload badge, or a photo of your identity, just as ID card, student card / student card, driver's license will do. (Or can also search image student card, student ID card or google image)
  6. After Upload your Identification, click "SEND"
  7. succes, just wait a few days, you will be able to Imail message from facebook. check your Imail (its notification message is not necessarily out by facebook, can at any time)
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